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Measles Cases and Locations of Exposure Identified In Cook County

One additional case of measles has been confirmed in suburban Cook County bringing the total to 14. These cases include three adults and 11 infants. Of these cases, 12 are associated with the KinderCare in Palatine.

Potential exposures in Suburban Cook County may also have occurred to:

Symptoms can be confused initially with the common cold because it typically starts with a low-grade fever with a cough and runny nose and then it produces a spreading rash and itchy red eyes. Infected people are usually contagious from about 4 days before their rash starts to 4 days afterwards.

Stickney Township residents who identify any of these symptoms are asked to contact the Stickney Public Health District 708-424-9200 as soon as possible.

Walking is Great Exercise!

Stickney Public Health District is currently asking residents to fill out a survey to measure interest in starting a walking club. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey here.

Spacer jest doskonałym ćwiczeniem! 

Stickney Public Health District prosi mieszkańców o wypełnienie ankiety do pomiaru zainteresowania rozpoczęciem klubu spacerowicza.  Prosimy o poświęcenie kilku minut na wypełnienie ankiety tutaj.

Parenting Strategies Workshop Announced

DATE: April 1, 2015
TIME: 1:00 pm.
LOCATION: Stickney Public Health District, Main Conference Room
5635 State Road, Burbank
For Parents of children ages 7 through 13

March is Self Harm Awareness Month

Self-injury is any deliberate, non-suicidal behavior, in which an individual inflicts physical pain.  Emotional pain can seem unbearable to the individual who self harms, and therefore; chooses self-injurious behavior in the hope of relieving emotional stress.   In some instances the individual feels numb and wants to arouse sensations.   Self-injury offers TEMPORARY relief to the individual but does not effectively deal with the underlying issues.  Self-injurious behaviors can escalate over time.

If you or someone you know is exhibiting self-injurious behaviors, please feel free to contact the Behavioral Health Division at (708) 424-9200 for assistance or referrals.


Protecting Your Child From Measles

The link above will connect you to an informative flyer concerning protecting your children form this highly communicable diseae. For further information, or to get specific questions answered, contact our Public Nursing staff.

Confused About Vaccinations? Find out about a new resource for the facts.