Animal Control Truck

Animal Control is just one of the services offered by the Environmental Health Department.

Environmental Health

Animal Control

Concerns about stray animals can be directed to the Animal Warden at (708) 424-5570.

Food Safety

The Stickney Public Health District Division of Environmental Health works to ensure the food safety of local restaurants and to prevent the spread of disease. Information regarding restaurant inspections, licensing and food permits can be obtained by calling 708-424-9200, extension 123.

  • Downloadable Food Establishment Application
  • Downloadable Special Use Application

    Pest Control and Abatement

    Seasonal pests and vermin can spread disease. Regardless of the time of year, residents can discourage animals and/or insects from feeding and breeding by eliminating environmental opportunities.

    Blocking up cracks and openings in buildings during both the warm and cold seasons, securing trash and food sources year around and elimination of water collection during the summer can help keep populations of unwanted creatures under control.


  • Requirements for Disposal of COVID-19 Related Material Used At Testing Stations

    The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has published disposal requirements governing the disposal of PPE and related materials used by testing stations. See a fact sheet here.